19 Years On, Revealed Why Avril Lavigne Asked to Move Hotels During a Concert in Indonesia

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – After 19 years have passed, it has finally been revealed why Avril Lavigne asked to move hotels during a concert in Indonesia.

In the 2000s, Avril Lavigne was enjoying her heyday.

Avril Lavigne is one of the world’s top singers whose songs have become hits.

The Indonesian public was looking forward to his arrival in 2005.

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And, there is a unique story about Avril Lavigne’s arrival to Indonesia.

Not related to the concert, but related to the hotel where Avril Lavigne will stay.

Adrie Subono as a promoter tells what he experienced when he brought in Avril Lavigne.

Apart from Mariah Carey and Westlife, the founder of Java Musikindo was also confused by singer Avril Lavigne.

During a concert in Jakarta in 2005, Avril refused to enter the hotel provided by the promoter.

“So at that time we wanted to stay at the Hilton hotel because we had a collaboration,” said Adrie Subono, quoted from YouTube Vindes.

“When he was at Hilton, he didn’t like it, because he had a rival, Paris Hilton, who was dating his ex-girlfriend,” added Adrie.

Finally, because Avril refused to stay at the hotel, even for personal reasons, Adrie moved her to another five-star hotel.

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“Personal (reasons), ‘I don’t want to live there,’ that’s crazy,” said Adrie.

“We bartered at the hotel, we didn’t pay our own rate. We moved to the Mulia Hotel, it’s expensive,” he added.