5 Reasons Why Thailand Is a Favorite Destination for Tourists

In recent years, Thailand’s tourism activity has increased. Tourists from various countries make Thailand a favorite country for holidays, even for tourists solo traveler.

Quoting the official website of the Thai Government, more than 28 million foreign tourists will visit Thailand in 2023. The majority come from Asia, such as Malaysia, China, South Korea, India and Russia.

What do you think makes Thailand a favorite destination for tourists? Here are some reasons.

1. Pocket-friendly cost of living

5 Reasons Why Thailand Is a Favorite Destination for Tourists, Is It Really Cheap?illustration of the Thai Baht currency (vecteezy.com/kchingching)

Currency exchange rates and pocket-friendly costs of living are one of the main reasons tourists visit Thailand. That doesn’t mean it’s always cheaper, but you can get more value when spending money in Thailand than other countries.

This will of course relate to accommodation, food and transportation needs while there. Conversion rates or currency exchange rates are considered more affordable and profitable.

For example, if converted into the currencies of the five countries mentioned above. If you exchange 1 Baht, it will be RM 0.13, 0.20 Yuan, 37.35 Won, 2.32 Indian Rupees, and 2.57 Russian Rubles. Meanwhile, the exchange rate to Rupiah is IDR 440.

2. Constantly new culinary trends

5 Reasons Why Thailand Is a Favorite Destination for Tourists, Is It Really Cheap?illustration of typical Thai food (unsplash.com/jomemui)

It is common knowledge that Thailand is a culinary lover’s paradise. Many Thai culinary delights are in demand and are suitable for the taste buds of foreign tourists, including those from Indonesia. Most like it street food– like tom yum and pad thai.

Apart from just the tempting traditional culinary delights, a number of contemporary foods have also gone viral, you know. For example, Thai salads consist of vegetables and sometimes add extras seafood, fresh and spicy taste. One that has been in high demand lately, there is milk bunbread with white powder sprinkled on top.

Apart from its delicious taste on the tongue, a number of typical Thai culinary delights also attract the attention of tourists, because of their unique cooking techniques. Apart from that, the prices are pocket friendly. Thailand also maintains its cultural identity through food.

3. Rich in history and culture

5 Reasons Why Thailand Is a Favorite Destination for Tourists, Is It Really Cheap?Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya (unsplash.com/axpphotography)

History and culture in Thailand are still preserved, this is one of the reasons it attracts tourists. Even though the culture is influenced by India and China, it still has its own characteristics. Tourists have access to their history and culture.

The country is famous for its thousands of Buddhist temples and ancient ruins. Each site has a dynastic story and features different architecture. Tourists are also allowed to visit these temples, regardless of religion and taste under certain conditions.

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Thailand also has a number of festivals each year that tourists are allowed to participate in. For example, the Songkran Festival is a Thai New Year celebration that is synonymous with water fights. This excitement usually takes place in mid-April every year.

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4. There are various tourist activities

5 Reasons Why Thailand Is a Favorite Destination for Tourists, Is It Really Cheap?Krabi, Thailand (unsplash.com/sumit_ac)

Thailand is increasingly attractive, because it offers a variety of tourist activities. This country is suitable to visit with family, friends or solo traveler. However, most of the target market is young people.

You can enjoy its natural beauty in various ways, such as hiking, kayakingnor surf. At night, some of the big cities in Thailand are suitable for enjoying nightlife and night markets.

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For those of you who like photography, Thailand has many interesting spots to immortalize. Its natural beauty and cultural sites always spoil the eyes. In fact, you can observe the crowd to immortalize it.

5. Easy regulations for tourists

5 Reasons Why Thailand Is a Favorite Destination for Tourists, Is It Really Cheap?tourist visa illustration (thaiembassy.com)

One more reason Thailand is a favorite destination for tourists is that the regulations are quite easy. Especially for countries in Southeast Asia, you don’t need a visa to enter. Meanwhile, the passport validity period is at least 6 months.

However, recently, it has been recommended to carry a minimum of 15,000–20,000 Baht in cash, equivalent to IDR 6.6 million–8.8 million per person. You also need to show proof of your return ticket and proof of accommodation booking. This is done to show proof of financial ability to support life while in Thailand.

Several countries are also added to be visa free and can extend for 7-30 days. Reporting from Siam Legal, these countries include Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Taiwan and India. Citizens of these five countries can be visa-free starting 30 days from September 2023, except for Russia, 90 days.

Service Visa on Arrival (VoA) is also available in Thailand. A number of foreign tourists can get a visa on arrival. So, there is no need to submit a complicated application. You just need to bring photocopies of important documents and additional photos, the process is fairly easy and quite short.

At the moment, Certificate of Entry (COE) and Thailand Pass also no longer required. The Thai government also recommends tourists to have travel insurance. You can buy it in Thailand, because the local government has collaborated with several insurance services.

It’s not just its rich history, culture, nature and culinary delights that make tourists fall in love with Thailand. Some of those who want to go back on holiday to Thailand are also not bound by complicated regulations. No wonder Thailand has become a favorite destination for tourists from various parts of the world.

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