6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket List

As the closest neighboring country to Indonesia, Malaysia is a favorite overseas destination for Indonesian citizens. Apart from being close, accommodation and food prices in Malaysia are relatively cheap, almost the same as in Indonesia.

Not only that, Malaysia also has several interesting festivals that you can take part in. For those of you who are planning to travel to Malaysia, you can take part in some of the most popular festivals in Malaysia below bucket list your holiday.

1. Thaipusam

6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket ListThaipusam (unsplash.com/Reena Yadav)

The first festival is Thaipusam. Thaipusam is one of the most spectacular Hindu festivals in Malaysia. This celebration is held to commemorate Lord Murugan’s rejection of evil and error.

This celebration is marked by an extraordinary procession at Batu Caves. Hindus undertake long journeys carrying beautifully decorated kavadis.

2. Kaamatan Harvest Festival

6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket ListKaamatan Harvest Festival (instagram.com/thegrangebythelake)

The Kaamatan Harvest Festival is a festival celebrated by the Kadazan-Dusun Tribe in Sabah, Malaysia. This festival can be said to be an important celebration that marks the rice harvest season.

This festival, which is held in May every year, is a form of gratitude for the abundant harvest. During the festival, there are various events held, ranging from food parties, traditional competitions, dance performances, to religious rituals.

3. Gadget Harvest Festival

6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket ListGadget Harvest Festival (instagram.com/thegrangebythelake)

Next, there is the Gadget Harvest Festival. Almost the same as the Kaamatan Harvest Festival, this festival is also held to celebrate the harvest carried out by the Dayak Tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Gawai itself is a moment to celebrate a successful harvest and honor the spirits who are believed to protect plants and people’s lives. That is why this festival is very important for the Dayak Tribe.

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4. Rainforest World Music Festival

6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket ListRainforest World Music Festival (instagram.com/rwmf.official)

Music lovers must come to the Rainforest World Music Festival. This festival which is held in Sarawak displays various types of music from all over the world, from traditional to modern music.

Apart from being able to enjoy incredible musical performances, you can also learn about Sarawak’s cultural and natural diversity through the various activities organized. Interesting right?

5. Deepavali Festival

6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket ListDeepavali Festival (unsplash.com/VD Photography)

Deepavali or also known as the Festival of Lights is a Hindu celebration celebrated throughout Malaysia. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the victory of light over darkness, both literally and spiritually.

During Deepavali celebrations, houses and places of worship are usually decorated with colorful lights and candles. Families also get ready to serve delicious dishes, exchange gifts, and visit the homes of friends and relatives.

6. Dragon Boat Festival

6 Best Festivals in Malaysia for Your Holiday Bucket ListDragon Boat Festival (instagram.com/taiwantourismid)

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional celebration that originates from Chinese culture, and has become part of Malaysian culture. This festival is usually held along the river or beach.

There is a dragon-shaped boat in which around 20 people are tasked with rowing the boat. The length of the boat reaches 30-100 feet.

This festival usually involves competitions between different teams. With this festival, it is hoped that it can unite the community and strengthen the rich cultural ties in Malaysia.

Those are the 6 best festivals in Malaysia that you shouldn’t miss. Of the six festivals above, which one most interests you for a holiday?

Author: Alvina Putri Rahmanita

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