Navigating travel insurance for parents visiting the USA from India

Travel insurance for parents visiting the USA from India is extremely critical. Unlike India, healthcare in the USA is extremely expensive. Amidst the excitement of planning such a trip, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of travel insurance. Visiting parents’ medical expenses are not covered by your domestic health insurance in the USA.

In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of travel insurance for parents visiting the USA and how to ensure they’re adequately covered for their journey.

Understanding the concerns: Travel health insurance for parents visiting the USA

Understanding the concerns: Travel health insurance for parents visiting the USASpotlight Wire

Health insurance for parents embarking on a trip from India to the USA is one important concern among myriad travel-related risks.

Risks like medical emergencies, pre-existing conditions, travel delays, high medical costs in the USA, and more.

Addressing these concerns through comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage is crucial.

Where to buy travel insurance for parents visiting the USA?

Where to buy travel insurance for parents visiting the USA?Spotlight Wire

When it comes to travel insurance, you have the option to purchase insurance for parents visiting the US from India or USA-based providers.

The benefit of buying travel medical insurance from a US-based insurance provider is that they are entrenched in the complex US healthcare industry.

OnshoreKare, a leading travel insurance marketplace based out of Silicon Valley, California, offers international travellers a quote-compare-buy option for travel health insurance plans at the click of a button.

You can explore travel medical insurance plans, generate free no-obligation quotes, compare plans, and buy visitor insurance for parents visiting the US directly from OnshoreKare.

OnshoreKare is leveraging technology to help them find the best travel medical insurance plan for your needs.

Their impactful use of AI in their chat feature is where you can get all your questions addressed 24*7.

OnshoreKare offers travel insurance with a difference

Travel medical insurance plans are regulated in the USA by the Department of Insurance, and the same plan cannot be offered at a lower price by any agent, travel insurance marketplace, or by the insurance providers themselves.
OnshoreKare offers free telemedicine to visitors to the USA, there is no mandatory purchase insurance needed. You can call their customer service team to get more details on availing telemedicine for parents visiting the USA.

  • Pre-existing conditions coverage:

At OnshoreKare you can avail of travel insurance plans that offer pre-existing conditions coverage. One of the biggest worries for parents visiting the USA is the stress of pre-existing medical conditions. With the choice of several plans available with OnshoreKare, you can rest assured about that.

Tailored coverage for senior travellers
For senior travellers, obtaining appropriate coverage is particularly vital. This includes ensuring coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and understanding any age-related limitations.

The OnshoreKare travel insurance marketplace offers tailored options specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Key differences in coverage
Travel insurance plans from USA-based providers offer distinct advantages for parents travelling from India to the USA.

These include access to a preferred provider organisation network (PPO) and 24*7 local insurance provider helplines for immediate assistance within the USA, giving you peace of mind during the trip.

For most major eligible medical expenses like emergency medical evacuation or any other medical emergency, you may need prior approval from the insurance provider. This is extremely critical to avoid hassles during the claims process.

If you live in the USA and will be coordinating with the insurance providers for claims etc., buying travel medical insurance from a USA-based provider is suitable.

Travel insurance cost
Several factors impact travel insurance costs, including medical coverage and travel-related coverage:

  • age
  • policy maximum limit
  • deductible
  • trip duration
  • emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • coverage for repatriation of remains
  • coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • trip interruption
  • trip cancellation

When selecting a travel insurance plan, ensure parents have adequate coverage at a reasonable price. Travel medical insurance policy adds to trip costs, but it’s worth it.

Parents have already arrived in the USA? You can still get coverage from OnshoreKare!

Popular travel insurance plans for parents visiting the USA
Several reputable travel insurance plans cater specifically to parents travelling from India to the USA, OnshoreKare offers only top-rated plans:

Popular comprehensive coverage plans:

  • Patriot America Plus
  • Atlas America
  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Popular limited coverage plans:

  • VisitorSecure
  • Visitors Care

Before you buy a travel medical insurance plan, compare and see which plan meets your travel insurance needs.

OnshoreKare’s Quote-Compare-Buy function makes it easy to evaluate travel health insurance plans.

Travel medical insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions:
At OnshoreKare, you can get travel medical insurance that covers pre-existing conditions, popular plans:

  • INF Elite
  • INF Premier
  • Visitors Protect

These insurance policies are very popular among NRIs/Indian Americans living in the USA and purchasing travel insurance for their parents visiting the USA.

These insurance policies are highly recommended for their medical and travel-related coverage benefits.

If you need help selecting an insurance policy OnshoreKare’s licensed agents are available to help you.


  • You may need to buy travel medical insurance for pre-existing conditions coverage before departure from your home country
  • Minimum coverage duration of 90 days needed
  • Always read the policy document carefully before you buy visitor insurance
  • Get to know inclusions, exclusions, restrictions, and limits.

Medical insurance only pays for eligible medical expenses and travel-related covered incidents.

Testimonials and trust

Source: OnshoreKareSpotlight Wire

OnshoreKare is a BBB Accredited1 insurance provider with 4.5 stars on Trustpilot2, reflecting a high level of customer satisfaction. OnshoreKare provides help selecting a plan and claims assistance when needed, to their customers.

As parents prepare for their journey from India to the USA, getting an appropriate travel medical insurance policy should be a top priority with reputable providers like OnshoreKare.


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