Prabowo says there is no need for state-owned hotels, Erick Thohir answers this


Defense Minister and presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto said that state-owned hotels were not needed. He also asked for the views of the Minister of BUMN regarding his views.

This was conveyed by Prabowo at the Mandiri Investment Forum 2024. Prabowo also said that he wanted to get input from everywhere.

“We don’t need state-owned hotels. What do you think, Mr Erick? But I ask for your advice. I want to take a sensible approach, I want to get as much advice as possible from anywhere and I want the best input,” he said in Jakarta. Tuesday (5/3/2024).



Prabowo initially said that his party was open to anyone who wanted to run a business and wanted the country to be able to get investment from anywhere. Therefore, according to Prabowo, the private sector must be given space. He also said that BUMN needed to be rationalized.

“BUMN, Mr Erick, we have to rationalize it. If there is no strategic reason, perhaps we should have a program to rationalize the privatization of BUMN,” he said.

He said the state could make regulations and monitor. The state must also take strategic decisions in strategic sectors.

“For example, why do we have to be present in every sector of the economy? I mean, I think in the 1950s the government had to play a pioneering role, but now we can allow the private sector to be more dominant and dominant,” he explained.

After that, he said that there was no need for state-owned hotels. BUMN Minister Erick Thohir also responded to this.

Erick stated that he supported Prabowo’s statement regarding rationalization and privatization. He also said that he had cut BUMN to 41.

“Yes, it’s very supportive, and friends know that we are on the 2024-2034 roadmap, if possible, the number of BUMNs will be 30, but now there are 41 only this year. From 108 to 41, that’s only this year, so in the future “Indeed, that’s in line with the roadmap,” said Erick.

Erick also provided a response regarding the hotel that Prabowo conveyed. Erick said that previously every BUMN had a hotel. However, the hotels have been consolidated into one umbrella.

“And as Mr. Prabowo said, is it necessary for BUMN to have lots of hotels, I think that has already been said. In fact, in the past, every BUMN had a hotel. Now in my time, the hotels have been consolidated into one umbrella, namely 122 hotels. Is it “Is that necessary? Yes, in my opinion, it’s not something significant,” he explained.

Most importantly, said Erick, BUMN carries out three things. First, BUMN becomes a healthy corporation. Second, become a motor for economic development.

“Lastly, the most important thing is people’s economy, where BUMN has become, 92% of ultra micro and micro are still in BUMN. So we have to look after things like this,” he said.