Sawasdee Thailand: AXA unveils enhanced travel insurance for international visitors amid tourist boom

PHOTO: Sawasdee Thailand, AXA Thailand

We are witnessing a remarkable resurgence of Thailand’s tourism industry in 2024. This revival is spearheaded by the influx of 34 million international visitors, achieving an 85% recovery to the pre-pandemic visitor levels of 2019.

This revitalization significantly contributes to the expansion of the travel insurance sector, highlighted by the surge of ‘Sawasdee Thailand’, a travel insurance plan for international visitors by AXA Thailand General Insurance. Designed to bolster healthcare coverage and overall safety for foreign tourists, the plan provides up to 750,000 baht in medical expenses, ensuring travelers can explore Thailand with peace of mind.

Cecilia Chow, Chief Retail Officer at AXA Thailand General Insurance, notes that the resurgence in Thailand’s tourism is driven by four key factors: robust global tourism demand, the comeback of Chinese tourists, for example airline capacity to meet tourist influx, and proactive government initiatives to stimulate tourism , including visa waivers for visitors from China, Kazakhstan, India, and Taiwan. The tourism landscape in 2023 is dominated by ASEAN, Indian, and European travellers, with the sector poised to reach a market valuation of approximately 2.52 trillion baht, marking an 84% recovery. These dynamics are fueling the growth of the travel insurance market, with AXA poised to deliver effective protection and support for the diverse travel needs of international tourists through the Sawasdee Thailand insurance offering throughout the year.

The AXA Sawasdee Thailand insurance plan distinguishes itself with unparalleled health care coverage, tailored for the travel and accommodation needs of international visitors in Thailand. It includes medical expense coverage of up to 750,000 baht for sickness or COVID-19 infection, alongside personal accident insurance offering up to 1 million baht for death or permanent disability caused by accidents, without any waiting period. Beneficiaries also enjoy direct hospital admission without advance payments at AXA’s network of hospitals across Thailand and round-the-clock access to AXA’s hotline. Coverage options range from 7 to 180 days, commencing immediately upon clearance at immigration.

For detailed information about ‘Sawasdee Thailand’ travel insurance for foreigners visiting Thailand, please visit their website or reach out to AXA Customer Relations at 02-118-8111 ext 4.

– AXA’s website

– AXA’s Customer Service Center at 02-118-8111

– Facebook

– Official LINE account at @AXAThailand

*Terms and conditions of coverage and underwriting as specified by AXA, the Insured should understand them before making the decision.

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