Spring Break Destinations in South Korea

Spring is the season that many people have been waiting for because it offers extraordinary natural beauty and freshness. Many people take advantage of this season to vacation and enjoy time with family or friends.

One of the countries that is a favorite tourist destination in spring is South Korea. South Korea has many charms that can captivate tourists, from culture, history, culinary, to nature.

The country also has many villages that offer a different experience than big cities. These villages have their own uniqueness and beauty that can make spring holidays more memorable and enjoyable.

Here are the five best villages in South Korea for spring break. Is it anywhere?

1. Sansuyu Village, Icheon

5 Spring Holiday Destinations in South Korea, Beautiful ViewsSansuyu Village, Icheon (doc. itsrestory.com)

This village is known for its trees sansuyu bright yellow which grows wild throughout the village, especially in Baeksa-myeon. Every year, the village hosts the Sansuyu Festival in late March to early April offering visitors flower-related views, food, and cultural activities. sansuyu.

Sansuyu Village also offers an authentic Korean rural life experience. Visitors can stay overnight at hanok in a comfortable setting, explore the cobbled streets, and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

Points of interest in the village include the Sansuyu Museum, flower gardens and Buddhist temples.

2. Nami Island, Chuncheon

5 Spring Holiday Destinations in South Korea, Beautiful ViewsNami Island, Chuncheon (unsplash.com/Grace Lim)

Nami Island is a very popular tourist destination in South Korea, especially among Korean drama fans. Famous for being the filming location for the drama Winter Sonata, many visitors come to enjoy the romantic views inspired by the drama.

The island is known for its beautiful pine trees, metasequoia, ginkgo and cherry blossoms in spring. Apart from its natural beauty, Nami Island offers various interesting activities to its visitors. Starting from cycling, canoeing, to horse riding, as well as a children’s playground.

This place also has historical sites such as General Nami’s tomb, Buddha statues, and art galleries. In addition there are various cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops offering typical island food and goods.

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3. Camellia Hill, Jeju

5 Spring Holiday Destinations in South Korea, Beautiful ViewsCamellia Hill, Jeju (instagram.com/camelliahilljeju)

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Jeju is the largest and most famous island in South Korea with many natural and cultural tourist attractions. One of the must-visit places in Jeju is Camellia Hill, a large and beautiful flower garden with more than 6,000 camellia trees that bloom all year round, especially in spring.

This garden also has various other types of flowers such as azaleas, magnolias, and hydrangeas. Camellia Hill not only offers enchanting flower views, but also a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Visitors can walk along the regular paths, sit in the gazebo, or relax on the benches provided. This park is equipped with facilities such as a flower museum, cafe and gift shop.

Additionally, it is often used for special events such as music concerts, art exhibitions, and weddings.

4. Yugibang Gaok, Seosan

5 Spring Holiday Destinations in South Korea, Beautiful ViewsYugibang Gaok, Seosan (instagram.com/ijayeong9901)

Yugibang Gaok is one of Korea’s best-preserved and most authentic traditional villages. The village has around 40 hanok houses which are still inhabited by indigenous people who maintain their lifestyle and culture.

This village also has several historical buildings, such as temples, schools and warehouses and is surrounded by green rice fields, hills and rivers.

Yugibang Gaok Village is an ideal place to learn about Korean history and culture. Visitors can join tours guided by local residents who will explain the architecture, agriculture and customs of the village.

Tourists can also stay at home hanok which presents modern facilities but maintains a traditional feel. Apart from that, visitors can enjoy typical village dishes such as kimchi, tteokAnd makgeolli.

5. Seoraksan National Park, Sokcho

5 Spring Holiday Destinations in South Korea, Beautiful ViewsSeoraksan National Park, Sokcho (instagram.com/heevely_0929)

This national park is one of the largest and most famous national parks in South Korea which has various types of flora and fauna. Seoraksan National Park also has several towering mountain peaks, such as Seoraksan, Daecheongbong, and Ulsanbawi.

Seoraksan National Park also has several amazing waterfalls, rivers, lakes and caves. This is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.

Here, visitors can do various activities such as climbing, camping, fishing and taking photos. There are also interesting tourist attractions such as the Sinheungsa temple, bronze Buddha statue, and cable car which offers spectacular views.

Traveling with the cool air typical of winter plus views of blooming flowers makes your holiday even more enjoyable. Which South Korean spring tourist destination do you want to visit?

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