Taylor Swift’s Tour Era Ends, Australia Flights Are Cheap Again


Taylor Swift’s international concert in Australia has ended. This is also the end of flight prices which had skyrocketed.

Mega star Taylor Swift has proven that she is not an ordinary celebrity. He is very influential, including on travel and flight prices. After the concert ended, flights in Sydney fell by 18 percent.

Launch news.com.auWednesday (28/2/2024), Swift started a series of tours in Australia with three concerts in Melbourne, four concerts in Sydney.



While he was in Australia, commercial flight and accommodation prices skyrocketed. Not only are communal commercial flights selling well, but private plane bookings to attend concerts have also increased drastically.

According to Corporate Traveller, which is the flagship SME travel division of Flight Center Travel Group, when Swift’s concert rolled around, there was an increase in travel bookings of up to 50 percent. That’s higher than the average daily order this month.

“We saw travel bookings almost double in one day, compared to the average daily booking this month,” said Corporate Traveler global managing director Tom Walley.

“We attribute this to concertgoers heading home, business travelers returning to work-related travel as availability improves, and travelers looking to take advantage of rapidly easing inflation with falling airfares,” he added.

Return Ticket Prices Are Reasonable

After the completion of the series of events, domestic airline ticket prices and accommodation costs have decreased to reasonable prices again.

“This week and next week we are seeing a reduction in domestic ticket prices to Sydney and Melbourne, compared to the weeks leading up to the concert,” Walley said.

“Flights to Sydney this week have experienced price reductions, and next week we will see a reduction of 18 percent, or a saving of AUD 83 or around Rp. 847 thousand for the price of a domestic economy plane ticket to this city, compared to the week of the concert in Sydney,” he explained.

He said that although flight ticket prices to Melbourne fell quite slowly, they also experienced an average decrease of five percent, or AUD 20 or around Rp. 204 thousand in inbound domestic economy fares this week.

“We clearly saw that airlines and hotels reached peak capacity in Sydney and Melbourne when the Eras Tour was underway, and now that this is over and capacity is starting to come back, prices are starting to reflect this (prices are returning to normal),” Walley said.

“There was no bad blood between corporate travelers and Ms Swift, but we are happy to be out of the woods now that this tour is over,” he said.

According to the CEO of global leisure Flight Center Travel Group, James Kavanagh, the cheapest four-star hotel in Melbourne is priced at a minimum of 600 AUD or around IDR 6.12 million per night during the concert period.

Meanwhile, the cheapest ticket from Brisbane to Sydney on February 23 is AUD 421 or IDR 4.21 million.

He said that the cheapest ticket price from Brisbane to Sydney on February 23 was AUD 421 or around Rp. 4.29 million.

Jakarta-Australia Ticket Prices

Under observation detikTravel in one of the Online Travel Agent (OTA) applications, the Jakarta – Sydney flight for today (28/2) is priced at IDR 4.3 million at the cheapest price. Then for flights on Thursday (29/2) and Friday (1/3) the price is IDR 4.16 million for the cheapest price.

Flights to Melbourne today (28/2) are priced at IDR 4.26 million for the cheapest ticket, and IDR 3.71 million for flights on Thursday (29/2).

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