2 Ohio Cities Are Among America’s ‘Top 50 Travel Destinations’

There is so much to explore around America. Hidden hamlets with a small-town community feel, big bustling cities so full of activity it’s as if no one sleeps, charming beach towns promising sun and relaxation away from your everyday life. Wherever you choose to visit, you’re sure to leave with lifelong memories and a story to tell.

AAA compiled a list of the Top 50 travel destinations in the US, and it’s filled with exciting cities waiting to be explored. While the top spots on the list are claimed with tourist destinations like Orlando, Anaheim and Las Vegas, two cities in Ohio were named among the best.

Both Cleveland and Columbus were crowned two of the top travel destinations in the entire country, ranking No. 34 and No. 40, respectively, and each were recognized for their host of activities and entertainment such as a brewery tour in Cleveland or a walk through a botanical garden in Columbus.

Here’s what the site had to say about Cleveland:

“Cleveland, Ohio, a Midwest metropolis that is sometimes overlooked, provides a wide range of enjoyable activities. The city is a worthwhile destination for any kind of traveler, offering everything from exciting sporting events to a bustling cultural scene.

“The food is also noteworthy, with exciting local favorites and international cuisine all located at the West Side market. Cleveland’s Little Italy is also a must to add to your itinerary, which explores the Cleveland Italian culture that has existed for generations.”

Check out the full list of America’s best travel destinations at aaa.com.