Salary IDR 3 Billion Offered for Moving Work to This Island


A salary equivalent to IDR 3 billion is offered to job seekers. However, travelers are required to work on an island.

Citing BBCWednesday (5/3/2024), would 150,000 pounds sterling or the equivalent of IDR 3 billion tempt you to move to one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland?

So one of England’s most remote GP practices, which serves the Hebridean islands of Uist and Benbecula, is offering these salaries to attract new doctors to live and work there.



On the nearby Isle of Rum, parents are looking for a new schoolteacher for five primary school pupils and two kindergarten children, with a package worth £68,000 or IDR 1.6 billion.

This is part of efforts to address the worker crisis in many rural services. For residents, it’s more than just a job.

This is about bringing new people to live and work in the heart of Scotland’s island communities.

“We always look at who comes in, the person and their family,” said Gordon Jamieson, chief executive of NHS Western Isles.

Outer islands of ScotlandScotland’s outer islands (Photo: BBC)

“We look for opportunities for partners, not just people who have been successful. Not everyone chooses to come and live in a remote island community,” he added.

“For health professionals, when you choose places like Uist and Benbecula, they are very remote in terms of work,” he said.

Based at Benbecula Medical Practice, NHS Western Isles is offering an “enhanced rate” of 40% on top of usual wages to attract new teams to the village.

They appeal to doctors who have “a sense of adventure and a passion for rural medicine”. They will serve six islands in the Outer Hebrides, with a combined population of around 4,700 people.

The health board said a great incentive was the opportunity to work in one of the “most picturesque and picturesque locations in England”.

Successful applicants will also receive relocation fees to help move to the islands, as well as a “golden hello” of up to 10,000 pounds sterling or almost 200 million.

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Rum in the Inner Hebrides, the population is only 40 people and all of them live around the village of Kinloch. Rum Primary School has only five pupils, aged five to 11, and two children aged three and four.

Outer islands of ScotlandScotland’s outer islands (Photo: BBC)

Highland Council is offering an annual salary of 62,000 pounds sterling or IDR 1.2 billion for new headteachers, with remote working allowances worth more than 5,500 pounds sterling or IDR 110 million.

The board said it has received several people interested in the position, but the recruitment process is still ongoing.

Located a 90 minute ferry ride from the mainland, Rum Island life has a small hydro-electric power station providing electricity.

The island is renowned for its large population of red deer, with much of the land owned by Scottish government agency NatureScot.

Four years ago, four new homes were built in Kinloch. The Isle of Rum Community Trust said it hoped the homes would attract young families and make island life better.

It comes after Kilchoan Primary, on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, in the Western Highlands, last month advertised job vacancies worth £53,000 for 15 of its pupils.

And in 2022, Foula Primary School which has four pupils, 16 miles from the Shetland mainland, is offering £62,000 and a three-bedroom rental house on the island for 28 people.

Highland Council says its recruiting challenges can vary depending on the school’s location.

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