New Info! KCIC Adds 4 Fast Whoosh Train Trips


PT KCIC has again added to the operational schedule for the Whoosh Fast Train. Throughout March 2024, 44 trips will be prepared, four of which are additional trips.

Yes, the details of the trips are 40 regular trips and four additional trips. These extra trips are operated every Friday, Saturday, Sunday as well as national holidays and collective leave.

This step was taken in line with the increasing number of passengers on the Whoosh Fast Train. This addition brings the Whoosh travel headway to an average of once every 40 minutes, so that people have flexibility in choosing the desired schedule.



Currently, KCIC has served 1.9 million passengers since it was commercially operated on October 17 2023. In February, the average daily Whoosh passenger volume increased by 15% compared to January.

On weekdays, the passenger volume is around 15 thousand per day, while on weekends the passenger volume can reach up to 20 thousand per day.

KCIC Corporate Communication Manager Emir Monti explained that the additional trips referred to an evaluation by looking at passenger demand and movement patterns while Whoosh was operating. He hopes that the additional trips will make it easier for people to get tickets and choose a more suitable travel itinerary.

“It can be seen that currently Whoosh has become one of the people’s mainstay modes of transportation, especially on weekends. So this addition to the travel schedule is necessary to provide better service to all customers,” he said.

Booking & Ticket Prices

Tickets for this March trip can also be ordered via the official channels available, namely, the Whoosh application, the site, Ticket Vending Machines and official counters at stations as well as partner applications such as Access by KAI, Livin by Mandiri, BRImo, and BNI Mobile Banking.

KCIC also still applies the Dynamic Pricing scheme which offers more economical prices during certain travel periods. Several factors that influence the determination of dynamic pricing include peak hours or off peak hours, high season or low season, or weekdays or weekends.

Passengers can also take advantage of Whoosh travel tickets to enjoy free promos or holiday discounts to 12 of the best tourist, culinary and lodging destinations around Whoosh station.

The 12 tourist destinations that have collaborated with the Free Entry promo include Dusun Bambu, Farmhouse, Floating Market, The Great Asia Afrika, Lake Edge, Tepi Kota Healing, The Lodge Maribaya & Fairy Garden Bandung, Dago Dream Park and Papa Dino.

Meanwhile, there are also a number of culinary tourism destinations that offer discount promos of up to 20 percent using Whoosh tickets, such as Baker Street Resto Cimandiri branch, various restaurants at The Lodge Maribaya & Fairy Garden Bandung and The Lodge Camp & Village from Bandung Station.

“With the addition of this schedule, people have many choices of travel schedules. People can also have more freedom in planning their trips,” said Emir.

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