Ramadan at the Nganjuk Hotel, there is Kebuli rice and Zam-zam water

Nganjuk (beritajatim.com) – The month of Ramadan is coming soon. In just a matter of days. To welcome the arrival of the holy month, Front One Ratu Hotel Nganjuk launched Savana Ramadhan Fest 2024.

This is a special program for fasting together (bukber). Namely, providing space for residents of Nganjuk Regency in particular, to carry out fasting activities together with family, friends or the community.

Of course, this hotel, which is located at Jl Bengawan Solo, Wates, Begadung, Nganjuk District/Regency, East Java, has prepared an attractive and pocket-friendly menu. Among them, kebuli rice, Turkish kebab and maryam bread.

“During Ramadan, the menu we serve changes every day. However, there is a fixed menu, namely kebuli rice, Turkish kebab and maryam bread. “Apart from that, we also prepare zam-zam water,” said General Manager of Front One Ratu Hotel Nganjuk Ridwan Malik, Tuesday (5/3/2024).

The launch of ‘Savana Ramadan’ was held on Monday (4/3/2024). Front One Ratu Hotel serves a menu that visitors can enjoy for free. Colleagues came and went. They enjoyed this typical Ramadan dish.

Apart from an interesting menu, visitors who enjoy bukber at this hotel are also pampered with live music featuring religious songs. Then the ornaments in the room are also designed like the Middle East. There is a picture of a camel complete with a date palm tree.

What about price? Ridwan said that breaking the fast at Front One Ratu Hotel Nganjuk was pocket friendly. They only pay IDR 75 thousand/pax. In fact, if you make a reservation three days before Ramadhan, visitors will get a price of IDR 65 thousand/pax. “If the reservation is more than 25 pax, you will get a special room bonus,” concluded Ridwan. [suf]

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