4 Differences Between Double Beds and Twin Beds, from Size to Purpose


Double beds (double mattresses) and twin beds (twin mattresses) are types of beds that we often find in hotels or inns.

In order to sleep comfortably, we need to pay attention to choosing the type of bed, both in terms of size and the number of people it can accommodate.

For those of you who want to buy or choose a type of mattress in a hotel, read this article to the end to find out the meaning and differences between double beds and twin beds.



Twin beds

Quoted from Home Direct 365, twin beds are two single beds with the same shape and size. It is called a twin bed because the beds are in pairs.

Twin beds are designed for 1 person. The goal is so that someone can sleep comfortably in their own bed without having to share it with other people. In general, the size is around 100 cm x 190 cm.

This size is large enough for one adult of average weight and height. There are also twin beds in XL size with a length of around 200 cm.

In this case, if you have a twin bed room, it means that the room can accommodate two people in one room, but in separate sleeping positions.

In fact, the term twin bed refers to the original purpose of the bed, namely to provide two small beds in one room so that two people can sleep together while still having their own space.

The term “twin” originates from the fact that these mattresses are often sold in pairs, like twins.

Double Beds

The size of a double bed is not twice the size of a single bed. Usually, double beds are designed for couples or parents who like to share a bed with their children.

Initially, double beds were designed to accommodate two people. However, over time he was chosen less and less by partners.

The reason is, couples usually prefer a queen-sized mattress (larger bed).

Difference between Double Bed and Twin Bed

In general, the difference between a double bed and a twin bed lies in the size and purpose of use.

Summarized from Cuura Space, here are several points that are the differences between double beds and twin beds:

1. Meaning

Twin beds are two single mattresses, which can be placed separately from each other and make it possible to share a room with 2 people comfortably.

Meanwhile, a double bed is designed for two people where there is no gap between them.

2. Standard Size

The size of a twin bed is smaller than a double bed. The size of a twin bed is approximately 100 cm x 190 cm, while a double bed is approximately 137 cm wide and 190 cm long.

A twin bed is the smallest standard size mattress and is usually used for children or as a spare bed for an adult of average height. Meanwhile, the double bed is suitable for comfortably accommodating two adults of average height.

3. Selection of location and room size

Twin beds are suitable for smaller rooms, while double beds are best suited to be placed in relatively large rooms or rooms.

4. Goals

Twin beds can allow two people to live in one room without having to share a bed. Meanwhile, double beds are more suitable for couples so they can sleep together in the same bed.

Those are some explanations regarding the differences between double beds and twin beds, which can be taken into consideration by detikers when choosing a bed according to their needs.

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