Tourists Overstaying in Malaysia for Up to 13 Years, Can It Be That Comfortable?

Kuala Lumpur

Cases of overstaying tourists have been reported several times in a number of countries. If tourists usually overstay for a matter of months, this one takes up to years.

Reporting from Vietnam Express on Friday (1/3/2024), a man from Singapore entered Malaysia in 2011. He entered as a tourist and stayed for 13 years.

To be precise, this tourist was hiding so as not to be discovered by immigration. But in the end, his ‘hide and seek’ was discovered by local residents.



Some time ago, local residents reported illegal buildings on Jalan Wadi Hana, Johor Baru. Officers then carried out an investigation and ambush on Sunday (25/2).

From there, five foreign nationals were found who were hiding. Immigration officers then detained them for further investigation.

ASEAN countries have a visa-free policy for 30 days for tourists. This policy is provided to jointly increase the rate of ASEAN tourism.

Apart from regional similarities, each country also has bilateral cooperation. Like Malaysia, which is currently establishing visa-free cooperation for Chinese and Indian tourists.

Unfortunately, this policy is often abused by tourists. They often overstay for made-up reasons. But if you overstay for 13 years, is it because it’s too comfortable?

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