Chronology of the Tragedy of Tourists Raped and Robbed in India


A tourist couple from Spain and Brazil were helplessly robbed in India. Unfortunately, the wife was raped. Following is the chronology.

The couple’s names are Vincente and Fernanda. They traveled around the world, around 60 countries, by motorbike in the last five years.

A harsh reality occurred when they visited India. They admitted that they were robbed and raped while resting in Dumka, Jharkhand District, India.



They told the story through a video on Instagram Story @vueltaalmundoenmoto. The video attracted international attention. The Spanish government responded and Indian police intervened.

Chronology from rest until the robbery and rape incident

Quoted from The Publica and a number of other media, this incident was told by Vincente and Fernanda on March 1. They uploaded a video saying they had been attacked while in India.

The incident occurred when the two were on their way to Nepal via Bhagalpur. On the way, they decided to rest and spend the night in Dumka, Jharkhand District on Friday (1/3).

They stayed overnight in tents they brought themselves. While they were sleeping, suddenly seven young men came into the tent and attacked them.

Vincente and Fernanda were attacked, beaten and robbed. Vincente suffered bruises, a crushed lip and swelling on his head. Al Jazeera reported he was beaten with a helmet.

Fernanda received an even worse blow with bruises and red wounds on her face. Vincente also revealed that Fernanda had been raped by the seven perpetrators.

“They beat us. They put a knife to my neck and said they were going to kill me. They didn’t take many things, because it was like their intention was to rape Fernanda,” Vincente said in one of the videos.

From the video it appears that his lower lip is swollen and stitched.

“Fernanda was raped. Seven of them. Seven men…” said Vincente.

They were rescued by a police team on patrol. Then, both of them were taken to the Saraiyahat health clinic to undergo a medical examination.

The police are investigating the case. So far, four perpetrators have been arrested and have admitted to their depraved actions.

According to Jharkhand Police Chief Ajay Kumar Singh, currently the police are continuing to hunt for the perpetrator.

Al Jazeera Reported sexual violence targeting women in India is high. Women from ethnic minority communities are the group most at risk. Taboos about talking about crimes and low conviction rates for suspects add to the problem.

An average of nearly 90 rapes are reported in India every day. This means that one woman will be raped every 18 minutes, in 2022. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, there were 31,516 rape cases recorded that year.

The states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest number of cases.

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