Facts about Azerbaijan, which is called the Fire Country


Azerbaijan may not be widely known in the world. However, this country in Asia which borders Europe has a number of unique features.

Azerbaijan or spelled Azerbaidzhan, has the official name of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This country borders Iran, Iraq, Armenia and Turkey in Asia, and Georgia in Europe.

Quoting Britannica, Tuesday (5/3/2024), Azerbaijan is included in the border enclave which often becomes a conflict area, namely Nagorno-Karabakh. This area has also been the focus of conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia since 1988.



This country has beautiful panoramas and offers a mix of local traditions. Interestingly, Azerbaijan is also known as the Land of Fire. The following is a list of unique things that Azerbaijan has.

1. Fire Nation

The Land of Fire is not only in the Avatar or Naruto cartoons, but also in the real world. Azerbaijan is also nicknamed the Fire Country, why is that? This is because Azerbaijan has a volcano that always emits fire all year round called Yanar Dag or also called Burning Mountain.

Yanar Dag has a height of 116 meters and is located on the Absheron Peninsula. On this mountain, fire continued to burn from the cracks in the rocks. This natural fire burns on the hillsides along the Caspian Sea. Until now, the fire from this mountain has been burning for 65 years.

2. The capital city is 28 meters below sea level

One of the interesting things about Azerbaijan is its capital city, Baku. This city is apparently located 28 meters below sea level. Quoting Travel Freak, this makes Baku the capital of the country with the lowest location in the world.

Apart from that, Baku also has an artificial waterway that connects shops, restaurants and other places in the city. This is what makes Baku known as Little Venice.

3. Have 400 Mud Mountains

Apart from continuously active volcanoes, Azerbaijan also has other wonders through hundreds of mud volcanoes. Nearly 400 mud volcanoes are said to exist in the country.

Interestingly, this mud volcano is near the capital city of Baku. However, the mud volcanoes here do not cover much of the ground. Even so, seeing its hot and messy appearance is an interesting experience.

4. Azerbaijan is Famous for its Oil Reserves

Azerbaijan is a country known to have large oil reserves. In fact, in 1901 the country’s oil fields supplied more than half of the world’s oil. This country is also said to have contributed 75 percent of the oil produced in the Soviet Union.

The country also played a role in supplying much of the oil to the East needed to move Soviet tanks to win the conflict against the Nazis.

5. Dominated by Muslims, Supports Gender Equality

Azerbaijan has a mix of Eastern and Western cultures. In 1918, Azerbaijan became the first Muslim country to seek universal suffrage for women. They are considered one of the most gender equal Muslim countries to date.

6. Unique Tourism in Azerbaijan

Apart from mud volcanoes, there is also another unique tourist attraction in Azerbaijan, namely the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. It is located on the Baku coast and looks like a rolled carpet.

Apart from the impressive exterior, the inside of the museum also offers views of colorful carpets made from the finest yarns throughout the country.

If you are lucky, a traveler can see a carpet weaving demonstration. Travelers can see the skill level of weavers in this country.

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