Singapore wants to attract as many Indonesian tourists as possible this year


Singapore is determined to bring in large numbers of Indonesian tourists this year. This is what is offered.

Singapore is aggressively attracting tourists from various countries. One thing that attracts the attention of the Lion Country is of course Indonesia. This is because Indonesia will be the largest contributor of tourists to Singapore in 2023.

According to information from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Wednesday (29/2/2024), it was recorded that tourist visits from Indonesia led the surge in tourists with almost 2.3 million visitors. Followed by China and Malaysia with 1.4 million and 1.1 million tourists respectively.



In 2024, Singapore is confident of attracting more visitors from Indonesia. This is because Singapore hosts various international events such as entertainment, sports and business events. For example, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour will be held in the near future. Apart from that, there are also Bruno Mars concerts, Formula 1, Tour de France Singapore Criterium, and Singapore Marathon.

Meanwhile, for Indonesian MICE tourists, Singapore will host a number of international business events. For example, Food & Hotel Asia (23-26 April), Rotary International (25-29 May), NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific (11-13 June), and Medical Fair Asia (11-13 September).

Not only this event, the Singapore Tourism Board also installed 3D Animatronics showing off Lion Country tourism. The campaign video shows famous destinations such as Gardens by the Bay, to hidden gems such as Lau Pa Sat.

STB also collaborates with artists such as Anya Geraldine and Refal Hady to promote their tourism campaign.

In its campaign, STB distributed free holidays to Singapore to six winners. To do this, travelers simply make a video challenge as creative as possible regarding tourism or holidays to Singapore and upload it to Instagram and TikTok. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #TheUnexpectedSG and follow the official Instagram @visit_singaporeid.

“As part of this activation campaign there will be an online video challenge where social media users on Instagram and TikTok can make videos as creative as possible, and six lucky winners will get the opportunity to experience firsthand how ordinary moments are transformed into extraordinary moments in Singapore ,” said Area Director of the Singapore Tourism Board, Hafez Marican, Wednesday (29/2/2024) during the STB campaign in Jakarta.

“We are optimistic about exceeding the 2023 target and approaching the position before the pandemic. A series of interesting business and MICE events in Singapore including the Medical Fair Asia and the Standard Chartered Marathon will support this achievement,” he added.

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