“Sydney is the Worst Place in Australia”


A tourist was disappointed while on holiday to Sydney, Australia. He said he said the city left a bad impression on him.

Reporting from Yahoo News on Wednesday (6/3), an Irish tourist named Kerry Simons went on holiday to Sydney because the city is an icon of Australia. But how surprised he was after arriving there.

“Sydney is the worst place in Australia,” he said.



Simons said that the definition of bad is not a bad view. In fact, the harbor and city were beautiful, but Simons felt the energy was bad.

“People will bump into you on the street and they won’t even apologize, they won’t even acknowledge your existence,” he said.

Simons spent up to four months in Sydney. He has now moved to Western Australia because he is in a bad mood.

“I actually feel sorry for solo travelers who come to Australia and come straight to Sydney. How do you make friends? This is the loneliest place in the world,” he said.

His confession went viral on his TikTok account @kerryfairy and attracted other travelers to comment. Simons didn’t expect that many people were experiencing the same thing as him.

“I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life and I completely agree with everything you said about Sydney! It’s the worst!” said a netizen.

“Sydney is a stressful place. Brisbane and Melbourne are much better. Brisbane is sunny and chill, while Melbourne is fun and funky,” another chimed in.

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